Files related to Cakewalk Music Creator Pro (2) and Dimension Pro

Music Creator Pro (2) project files and Dimension Pro SFZ and program files that I have created after some experimentation and that others might find interesting to use. Simple song examples, etc., for Music Creator Pro (2), SFZ files specific to Dimension Pro.

This area was created October 2007 when I found that there is not an area on the Cakewalk web site where files like this can be shared and that a existing "wiki" related to Cakewalk Project 5 and Dimension (Pro) has little in the way of these files.

Feedback on how useful these files might be to you is appreciated:

Cakewalk Music Creator Pro (2)

Assumes Dimension Pro is installed.

Dimension Pro

Directions on how to use these files are in the "comments" of the file.

log file