Gary Peek's music

Albums titled First Generation and Second Generation


First Generation, copyright 1985:
1. I'll Always Play IllAlwaysPlay.mp3
2. Settle Down/Look Around SettleDownLookAround.mp3
3. News For You NewsForYou.mp3
4. Funky Rhythms FunkyRhythms.mp3
5. Let's Go! LetsGo.mp3
6. Feel Like Dancin' FeelLikeDancin.mp3
7. Rebel Charm RebelCharm.mp3

Second Generation, copyright 1988:
8. Mama Don't Know MamaDontKnow.mp3
9. Synthetic Synthetic.mp3

The following text is approximately what is on the label on the CD, and explains the albums fairly well:

Warning/Disclaimer- A full range audio system with good bass response is required to adequately reproduce some of the sounds in this music.

These songs were made with computer controlled electronic circuits to produce the synthesizer, synthesizer bass, and drum sounds. However, this was long before digital sampling devices of this type were widely available and affordable, therefore, I designed and made my own hardware.

The synthesizer is made from scratch with a used organ keyboard and electronic piano circuits, which unlike sampled sounds, have few harmonics (making the lower frequency sounds it generates difficult to hear on mediocre sound systems.) The drum and cymbal sounds are based on damped oscillators and gated white noise, and are a crude approximation of drum sounds by today's standards.

The computer used to control the circuits is a Commodore VIC 20 (the kind you use a TV with for the screen) with I/O hardware I designed and made, and a custom written BASIC program. The guitar used is a cheap acoustic with a pickup attached and whose signal was modified by a number of guitar effects pedals. These pedals were also used to some extent for the vocals.

And lastly, there was no multi-track tape recorder used. The multiple tracks of these songs were painstakingly dubbed between two stereo tape decks while being mixed with the additional instruments and vocals using a specially designed stereo mixer that I made.


The following are pictures of the hardware used to produce the sounds, and the computer used to control it. The synthesizer was first made as a portable keyboard, usable as a live instrument on stage, and later an interface board was made so that a computer could control it.

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