Gary Peek's music composition and songwriting area

Current and ongoing composition

Instrumental, many synthesizer sounds and orchestral instruments. Several musical styles and types, some difficult to put a style name to. Influenced by late 20th century Synth Rock. Electronica in a broad sense. More specifically Jazz/Rock, Jazz/Classical, Jazz/Funk?, Smooth Jazz Instrumental, Ambient, Techno? (maybe). Work started in December 2005.

Created by MIDI sequencing using CakeWalk Music Creator Pro (2) and included software synthsizers, and beginning in May 2007, adding Dimension Pro software synthesizer. Available here in MP3 format.

CakeWalk/Dimension Pro files

Music Creator Pro (2) project files and Dimension Pro SFZ and program files that I have created after some experimentation and that others might find interesting to use. Simple song examples, etc., for Music Creator Pro (2), SFZ files specific to Dimension Pro.

This area was created October 2007 when I found that there is not an area on the Cakewalk web site where files like this can be shared and that an existing "wiki" related to Cakewalk Project 5 and Dimension (Pro) has little in the way of these files.

First Generation and Second Generation

(Clean rhythm) guitar and vocal oriented, Rock and Jazz/Rock styles. Pre-MIDI, sound generating hardware designed and built from scratch by me and controlled by a custom computer program to accompany my guitar playing and vocals. (You simply must see the pictures.)

These songs were recorded on casette tape from 1985 to 1988, 18 songs total, with 9 of the best songs published on CD in late 2005 and available here in MP3 format.

Reference Section

Improving your desktop computer's audio

You won't believe what you've been missing!

In the process of telling people about the music section of this web site and about the MP3 songs available to download, I have found that few people have more than the typical computer speaker setup that came with their desktop computer, which is seldom even as good as a poor stereo system. (Those with mobile devices and decent quality earbuds or earphones have it better.)

Specialized "computer speakers" are sometimes an improvement, but these systems tend to be oriented toward games and do not have a "full range" sound unless you know what to look for. (The sub-woofers tend to be overpowering and the satellite speakers tend to be of mediocre quality.)

To get much better audio from your computer all you need to do is to remove the existing speakers and get a cable (that plugs into the same output jack of their sound card) and has two plugs that connect to the "auxiliary input" of a normal stereo system. A cable, for example, like this one: 3.5mm Stereo Male to 2 RCA Male Cable

An older abandoned stereo system with large speakers may actually sound much better than "computer speakers". For even better sound, a new amplifier and good speakers will sound great. Any decent bookshelf type speakers should work well. A typical inexpensive amplifier can be like this one: Pyle Pro PTA2 Mini 2x40W Stereo Mixer/Power Amplifier (Pyle makes many similarly priced amplifiers)

Of course even better would be if your home theater system is close enough to your computer to use its auxiliary audio input.

Audio Files for the Technically Inclined

Waveforms - Graphic files of waveforms from the EDI/Roland VSC software synthesizer included with Cakewalk Music Creator Pro.

Gary's musical history:

log file